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All the instruction you need to succeed in statistics

with Professor Dane McGuckian

All the instruction you need to succeed in statistics with Professor Dane McGuckian

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Why pay $50 for a single hour of private statistics tutoring when you can have free access to Stats Professor, where you can watch hours of example problems being solved without ever leaving home???

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What is STATSprofessor?

STATSprofessor is like having a video solution manual for your statiistics courses at NO COST!  We have hundreds of videos of statistics problems being solved, providing plenty of examples to learn the topics covered in your course to help you pass with the best possible grade.

Each course also has a comprehensive set of sample exams that give you a chance to quiz yourself on the concepts before your actual examination, this way you can be sure you are ready on test day.

All the video examples are under fifteen minutes in length, shot in high definition, and are organized by chapter and topic like a text book table of contents, which ensures you will be able to find the answers you need quickly, so that your study time is as efficient as possible.

Here's what you get

  • Clear, expert instruction
  • Concise, interesting notes
  • Hundreds of practice problems
  • Graphing calculator demonstrations
  • Sample exams with video instructions
  • 100's of step-by-step videos
  • and it's all free!
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Ask the Professor

This is an interactive student forum for those needing help with specific statistics questions.

Post your questions in the forum to receive individual help from Professor McGuckian which may come in the form of explanatory content and/or a video solution.

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Professor Dane McGuckian

Dane McGuckian Statistics Professon

Dane McGuckian is a university Statistics instructor with nearly 2 decades of experience and is also the owner/creator of STATSprofessor.

Meet the Professor

Student Reviews

Would not have aced my classes without it! Dane McGuckian's StatsProfessor website has to be the easiest and most efficient way to learn statistics. He explains the concepts clearly and an concisely. Many examples are provided to clear every and any misconception you may have. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want an A. Aced both Stats1 and Stats2 because of it. Great website!

Giovanny Z.5 Star Rating

I couldn't have done it without Statsprofessor! The site was very informative and easy to use. The professor goes step by step in explaining how to work out the problem, as well as explaining why. I found the videos to be most useful because I could stop the video and go back if I needed to. This is the most affordable tutoring you will ever get in your life, unless you have a friend who is a wiz at it and is willing to help you. :) I highly recommend Statsprofessor for anyone who has to take Statistics! Thank you so much, I couldn't do it without you!!!

Jeannette N5 Star Rating