Meet Professor Dane McGuckian

Professor Dane McGukian

Professor Dane McGuckian

I'm Dane McGuckian, a university Statistics instructor with more than 15 years of experience and the owner/creator of STATSprofessor. Over the course of my career, I have worked as a tutor, a high school teacher, a community college professor, and a university instructor. Teaching mathematics and Statistics in these different settings has helped me learn to reach a diverse set of students by making complicated ideas and procedures seem simple.

When the Statistics department at my university asked me to teach online versions of my most popular Statistics courses, I decided that I would only teach online if I could create content that would rival what was offered in my face-to-face courses. The process of developing and improving the online content for my own Statistics students resulted in the creation of STATSprofessor which currently has 700 high-definition videos, hundreds of practice problems, a detailed set of course notes, and a comprehensive set of sample exams.

Since the site's inception, hundreds of students have used this material to learn college level Statistics. I know this supplement works because it is the sole resource my students use to succeed in both my face-to-face classes and my online courses.

I am confident that you will love the site and find it a valuable resource. Good luck this semester, I hope you have a great experience while learning Statistics.