About Stats Professor

At STATSprofessor, we strive to make college-level Statistics simple and accessible. We believe that anyone can understand statistical concepts and learn to solve Statistics problems. All that is needed is an organized approach, understandable instruction, and plenty of practice.

The Perfect Supplement to Classroom Instruction

STATSprofessor can be used as a supplement to face-to-face instruction or as a standalone learning tool. Students who are independent learners can use the site to learn Statistics at any time of day, from any location, on any Wi-Fi enabled device, and without the need of an additional resource. Parents who home school can use the site as a complete AP level statistics course. For the struggling college or high school student, STATSprofessor is an excellent way to reinforce traditional classroom instruction, and for students already meeting with a private tutor, STATSprofessor can be used to extend the benefits of each face-to-face tutoring session beyond the time spent with the tutor.

Hundreds of Statistics Students Can't be Wrong!

Whether used as a full course or as a supplement to a traditional face-to-face class, our content works. Hundreds of students have used our site to successfully pass their Statistics courses. Our membership provides the access to the expert video-instruction, the structured course notes, the practice problems, and the sample exams necessary to succeed. All you need to provide is a desire to learn.